[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Suddenly, the name of this brand makes sense. I’ve had a couple of products from the brand that weren’t really right for review and wondered about the name but now I know it’s named for the founder, Hind Sebti, and that in Arabic ‘w’ means ‘with so it literally translates as ‘with Hind’, it’s completely clear. Hind grew up in Morocco, where much of the brand’s inspiration comes from (and it’s certainly a very inspiring place) and the rituals lend themselves so well to body care. In Arabic ‘w’ means ‘with so it literally translates as ‘with Hind’.

Whind Marrakech Silk Exfoliating Jelly Review

Although the Whind Marrakech Silk Exfoliating Jelly is listed for combination, oily or dry skin – a broad church right there – any skin at all can use this and get the delicious smooth feel from it, so don’t think that if you just have unproblematic skin, you can’t or shouldn’t. It’s key ingredients are fruit enzymes, vitamin E and argan oil but because it’s exfoliating both physically (crushed olive pits) and enzymatically (pineapple) the results are extremely satisfying.

Whind Marrakech Silk Exfoliating Jelly

It’s a pity that the brand is not more specific about the fragrance because it’s beautiful with warm and sweet notes that have been pared back to perfection – you will not smell like cake! It’s a little bit earthy and olivey too. I’d recommend using this before you get into the bath or shower – it’s a bit of a faff but just damp down your skin with a warm cloth and use circular motions to take the jelly over your body or any part thereof (dry legs, this is your salvation!) before fully immersing yourself in water. I’d suggest using a body lotion or oil afterwards but I promise you will so silky that if have silk sheets, you’ll slide straight through your bed to the other side ;-). Whind Marrakech Silk Exfoliating Jelly is worth the £35 of anyone’s money for splendid results. It’s HERE. As a quick note, you don’t need to slather this – £35 is quite a lot for something that’s gone in a few washes but you can use a sparing layer and get the same results. Personally, I think I’ll keep it for arms and legs.


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