[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I’ll say right away that this is sold out but I’m including an alternative and hoping that the Moments To Treasure box will come back into stock. I know that many brands are having serious logistical problems and raw ingredients sourcing nightmares so finger’s crossed that there are more on their way. That said, the bottom shelf is a bit redundant when all the thrill lies in the top shelf and those perfect oils.

Aromatherapy Associates Vault Moments To Treasure

Let’s go from the bottom up. The last drawer, ‘For A Home Spa’, contains a body brush, a body exfoliator and a De-Stress body oil. All of which is lovely for a skin-smoothing pamper but feels like more effort than the other two selections.

Aromatherapy Associates Vault Moments To Treasure

I find the brush a bit too aggressive on my skin – perhaps I’ve been too generous, strength wise, but I think if you used the exfoliator and the brush your skin wouldn’t be thanking you. The body oil is lovely – a real ‘spa’ scent.

Aromatherapy Associates Vault Moments To Treasure

The second drawer, ‘For A Restful Sleep’, contains the Relax candle, Deep Relax Bath Oil (my absolute favourite), a Deep Relax Sleep Well Body Butter and a Deep Relax Sleep Mist. If my experience of Deep Relax is anything to go by, you’ll slither out of the bath with barely the energy to put your pyjamas on, never mind start moisturising. The oil and the sleep mist are my top picks from this are the oil (£39.30 at Liberty HERE instead of £49 – finger’s crossed that it’s still on offer by the time you read this – Liberty are promoting for ‘a limited time’ and nobody knows what that means!) and there’s a small Sleep Mist HERE for £14.

Aromatherapy Associates Vault

So – the treasures! The top shelf contains 8 small bottles of the bath & shower oils (as well as some roller balls). The Ultimate Moments Gift Set (£52) HERE contains all the same bottles of luscious oils – I can’t find it any cheaper elsewhere (this is at John Lewis). I’d be more than happy with this – it’s endless lovely baths. So despite the Vault being sold out, there are still plenty of possibilities that leave out the things you’re less likely to want (body brush I’m looking at you). Non-affiliate link HERE.

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