[sample/affiliate] New oils from Aromatherapy Associates don’t come along all that often which is surprising, given that there is so much demand for easy relaxing techniques, of which aromatherapy is one.

Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy Oil

I’m a huge fan of Deep Relax oil because it really does so much more than take the edge off the day – it actually feels like a kind of bathing therapy especially when taken in a hot and steamy bath on a chilly night. It’s just the most blissful thing that fills the entire house with aromatherapy notes and sets the tone for a fulfilling sleep. Forest Therapy, the newest offering, is based around the practice of ‘forest bathing’ – a Japanese practice known there as shinrin-yoku. Really, it is as it sounds – spending time in forests to de-stress. I guess the key is appreciating the surroundings and being mindful of the scents and sounds in such a way that you forget about external influences. It’s absolutely no good charging through the woods on your mobile phone and hoping that might do.

Aromatherapy Associates

As someone who grew up in prime Scottish forestry land, the scents are so familiar – the pine-ish scent comes from steaming the needles of cypress trees which really do give off the same notes as the earthy, sharp and mossy fragrance of a forest floor. It’s boosted with Ho Wood, pink pepper and juniper berries – Ho Wood is responsible for the lightly camphor aroma that trails through the blend – your sinuses will immediately pick it up. I think it might put you in mind of a green canopied walk but the magic only happens if you let it. I love any AA infused bath so I was always going to like this and it’s another useful tool in the me-time box – it’s indulgent at £49 HERE – but bear in mind that only a few drops are necessary so you can eke it out quite well. I’ve over-sloshed Deep Relax and spent the rest of the evening feeling sledgehammered, so go gently with these powerful mixes.

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