Aromatherapy Associates Body Wash

If you’re a regular reader of BBB you’ll know this brand is a true favourite for its incredible therapeutic aromatherapy oils that are a joy every single time. When I sink into a Deep Relax bath, I’m in heaven and when I get out, I’m basically a better person.. relaxed and soothed. Although the oils have always suggested they’re good for the shower too I can’t get my head round a Deep Relax shower! The two don’t really go together in  my mind because I associate showers with morning and get-up-and-go whereas a bath is a deep steep to be savoured when you’re not rushing. Of the the two new AA Body Washes (there are three – the third is Revive) I have here, I greatly prefer Relax because it feels so familiar and as a body wash is either an accessory to the oil in the bath as a skin cleansing wash, or a late night shower before you go to bed. It feels like an evening thing, but that’s me and my associations – if you like to start the day with a chilled out vibe then of course, it’s an any time it suits you product. It’s a blend of lavender, petitgrain and vetivert.

Aromatherapy Associates Body Wash

I’m not so excited about Renewing though, with its rose, geranium and frankincense notes (and it’s more expensive), but if you’re weak for rose scents, then it’s very present and does deliver on being an aromatherapeutic experience. It’s one of those fragrances that makes you feel nurtured and pampered. In terms of last, the fragrances stayed on my skin for quite some time – if you are hopping into your PJs and going straight to bed you will have rosy or lavendery wafts to help you sleep. The best thing is that they’re significantly less expensive than the oil blends but you still get a decent blast of the aromas although not at the intensity of the oils. I’d love to see a Support version – it’s full of eucalyptus, pine and mint so if you’ve got the office cold, it would definitely get you started in the shower. They’re HERE. Rose is £27, Revive and Relax are £22.

AA has had body washes before by the looks of things but these are a new (sulphate free, using coconut extract for foaming) formulation.


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