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Ameliorate Rose Body Lotion

Ameliorate is a brand I use anyway, so the fact that there is a limited edition rose version on the way is just the icing on an already happy cake. If you don’t know the brand, the formula uses lactic acid to ensure that your skin cells keep on turning over and any old, dry cells are munched away. It’s a highly useful weapon if you have KP (which I do on the tops of my legs and occasionally the backs of my arms) and Ameliorate body lotion stays well on top of it if you follow the twice a day routine.

As well as the lactic AHA complex, it’s a skin nourishing formulation (sweet almond oil amongst others) that feels very light given the punch that it packs. If you’re expecting a weighty, balm-like formula, it isn’t – it’s much more of a lotion feel than a butter. The rose is sweet and light – not sickly but just pleasantly rosy enough to be a delightful skin treat. At £24 I think it’s money very well spent if you’re battling dry body skin and getting frustrated by those annoying bumps. There’s a regular version with no particular scent (a bit milky maybe) that’s just as good as this one so even if you don’t fancy rose as a body fragrance there’s that option (it’s £22.50 HERE but there’s also a 30% off promotion if you want to subscribe and save).

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