[productsample] Whenever I post anything about Magnesium Flakes, readers comment that the best place to get them is TK Maxx and I’ve definitely heaved my share of flakes from there to home because they definitely are cheaper than buying branded. However, the new body range from Alive, that includes the aforementioned flakes, is very affordable and available at Sainsburys so if you’re doing your weekly shop, easy to chuck in the trolley at £8. I’ve tried both the Muscle Ease Bath Foam (£5) and the flakes because I’m a big magnesium believer and often have achy legs from dashing around in heels so both suit me perfectly.

Alive Muscle Ease Bath Foam

It’s impossible to compare one brand of magnesium flakes to another – there’s no ‘result’ as such from using them other than an easing feeling that the hot water would probably give you anyway. But, magnesium is a known sleep aid and you can absorb it through your skin so its quite a helpful thing to have around. I take magnesium supplements on and off and when I’m off this is a great way to get some now and again. Personally, I feel that it does help with both my sleep and easing muscle pain in a way that hot water alone can’t do but it will vary from person to person.

When it comes to the bath foam, it’s using Dead Sea Salts (full of minerals) with eucalyptus and seaweed so it has that familiar ‘sports’ smell. It’s a light formula so you won’t smell like you’ve been rubbed down with linament, but it is a good end of busy day addition to your bath that will take the edge off.

Alive is a very welcome and affordable range covering off Cooling Shower Gel, Energizing Body Gel, Exfoliating Shower Scrub and Hydrating Spray Moisturiser, amongst others – all at £5. I imagine the ‘actives’ are light because of the price point, but there are still many benefits to be had from taking your wind down or your energy up seriously. See you in Sainsburys doing star jumps ;-).


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