[unpaid/sample] Both the Anatome Muscle Ease Body Oil and the Invigorating Hand & Body Wash are peppy enough to give your olfactory senses a jolt of energy. I don’t use muscle rubs often but it’s always in the winter that I need them most because everything tends to feel a bit more achy. I do yoga classes several times a week if I possibly can – such a well spent hour – but any moves that my body doesn’t know how to do well can result in twinges (we’ll exclude the Pilates class I tried that meant I could barely walk for three days – everything hurt!).

Anatome Muscle Ease Body Oil Review

I tend to think it’s the massage action that’s more useful than the actual oil ingredients but this has just enough of a ‘liniment’ vibe to make me feel satisfied that it’s the right thing to be using after a work out. The essential oils of sweet fennel, cypress, lavender, rosemary and mint smell reassuringly curative so it doesn’t really matter which is doing the work – the overall experience is very pleasant. I quite like (shhhhh) a post work out scent that proves I’ve done something ‘muscly’ – it’s the scent of smugness probably :-). Anyway, I’m enjoying using it, as I am the Invigorating Hand & Body Wash which is a blend of frankincense, lavender, peppermint, rosemary and tea tree so you can imagine the sharpness (it hasn’t been overly sweetened) that gives you a snap of mint that is indeed invigorating. Shower or sink – you choose.

Anatome Muscle Ease Body Oil Review

Candles for sleep always make me a bit nervous – don’t fall asleep with a candle going, whatever you do. This has a light scent that is better for small spaces than large ones. I think perhaps the brand has been a bit stingy with the oils because I definitely could have done with more of a fragrance punch especially as it’s such a soothing and smooth blend. Lavender, frankincense, myrrh, pine and sandalwood make for an earthy, grounding scent that’s sweetened with lavender and made deep by frankincense. It’s £45 but Naturismo has it for £31.50 HERE. Muscle Ease is £36 but again, is on offer for £28.80 HERE and the Body & Hand Wash is £28 HERE. It’s pronounced Anatomy by the way 🙂



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