[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] If you’ve read this site for any amount of time, you’ll know I love a bath foam. Or anything bath related really. I don’t spend forever in a bath but it’s such an important time of the day for me – often I’ll dip in at about 5pm just to soak the day away and segue into evening. It’s funny because when I first started writing this blog, a 5pm bubble bath was just not on the cards – children to feed, dogs to entertain, my mum’s favourite time for a long phone call – but things have moved on. My schedule is different, my time is more my own so if I want a 5pm bath, there is literally nothing to stop me.

NEOM Luxury Bath Foam

I’ve never used NEOM Luxury Bath Foam before – what a joy! It’s a blend of lavender, jasmine and rosewood but the note that jumps out so nicely is jasmine which gives it just a bit of a heady feel. Proper bath foams are few and far between as more people opt for showers. We were at my sister’s in Yorkshire at the weekend and I pinched some of her Elemis British Wilderness bath soak which was exactly what I needed at that moment – especially as their bathroom has no curtain (eek!) and wilderness was exactly what I could see.

Neom Sleep

Now that I’m back in a regular sleep pattern (thank goodness!) I don’t really have need of a sleep spray, but bizarrely, this one reminded me of a gin and tonic. It’s lavender, patchouli and chamomile so I have no idea where ice and slice came from but once it was ingrained, I couldn’t get past it and very nice it was, too! There is an earthiness from chamomile – hold on, maybe it reminds me of a lavender gin I had and loved. Sorry, thinking on the go here – but that’s probably it. Look Fantastic has the bath foam for £23 HERE and if you’re in need of a treat, I’d highly recommend. Pillow Mist is £20 HERE.

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