[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Anyone with a fondness for Origins Pinch Your Cheeks should just straight away onto the Typology Tinted Balms. They’re a gel formula tint for lips and cheeks to give a wash of translucent colour that’s absolutely gorgeous.

The whole ‘healthy flush’ look is embodied by these tints that offer a wash of translucent colour. Personally, I think they’re better on cheeks than lips but if you like the stain look, top with a little bit of balm to bring it to life.

Typology Tinted Balm

There are five shades available – Ruby Red, Dusty Pink, Powder Pink, Coral Orange and Plum Purple (hello, purple blush trend!). Ruby is a big shot of colour that gives the complexion vibrancy and life but the most ‘suit all’ option is Dusty Pink. The best way to apply is to pop a dot onto the palm of your hand and then pick up with a blush brush and diffuse directly onto the skin. If you’re using on lips, make sure your lips are initially free of balm and then use the flat of your finger to press the colour in. You can then add balm over the top. Personally, I don’t find that these type of products last very long on the lips so be prepared to top up after a while.

Typology Tinted Balm

In the swatch above, from bottom to top, it’s Powder Pink, Ruby Red and Coral Orange. Typology is following the beauty consumer desire for less complicated products – the balms contain raspberry seed extract and hyaluronic and are made without fragrance, mineral oils or silicones. They’re £14.90 HERE each which feels very reasonable given that they’re at least three times the size of Pinch Your Cheeks.  Funnily enough, I really didn’t get along with this brand’s Tinted Serum so I feel like I had to kiss a frog to find my prince (s).

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