Trilogy Softening Lotion
Trilogy Softening Lotion

I’m telling you, Softening Lotions are a thing! Here’s the latest newcomer in the extra step to your beauty routine – Trilogy Softening Lotion. And, it’s a lovely, lovely lotion.

As a reminder, softening lotions are another step in your skin care routine to be used after cleansing and toning (if you use a toner) and before moisturiser. I swear that UK beauty brands are trying to get us into the famous eight-step routine of the Japanese (although I am informed that it isn’t, in reality, adhered to as religiously as we might be led to believe) but I’m absolutely game if the products are as beautiful as this one.

Trilogy Age Proof Hydra-Tone Softening Lotion is in a gel-lotion formula which I like a lot, containing plant derived hyaluronic acid (which I like a lot!) and is non-astrigent. So, if you think of the older style toners, part of their remit was to ‘tone’ the skin and this was achieved by using alcohol which felt as though it was tightening the skin. I’ve just been looking in a beauty forum at a thread on toners and it seems that they are one of the biggest mysteries in beauty world, but one that we’ve just always gone along with without asking the questions. Apart from mopping up any excess makeup that your cleanser has missed, which the Trilogy Softening Lotion will also do, there’s is no real skincare purpose to them as far as I can tell. So, you may want to ditch toner entirely and use an Essence or a Softening Lotion instead so that you get the extra clean up but with hydrating and softening properties. Just sweep it over cleansed skin, and your complexion will feel instantly softer.

Trilogy Softening Lotion launches in October for £19.50 – if you haven’t begun your foray into Essences and Softeners, this is as good a place as I can think of to start.

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