If you thought your Rimmel London days were over, think again. This is a power packed little product that contains hyaluronic acid – older skin’s best friend!

Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs within the body to do everything from keep eyes lubricated, skin hydrated and joints supple. Annoyingly, HA declines with age. Obviously, skin-care brands are all over synthetic hyaluronic in their products to replenish depleted stocks. Beauty companies are clever – they can make their ‘studies’ say anything they want really – but my personal experience of hyaluronic in products is that it does work exceptionally well at moisturising. Which it should, with HA molecules able to hold over 1000 times their weight in water.

For a brand that predominantly targets a youth consumer, Rimmel London is forward thinking in including it in their Moisture Renew Lipsticks. What the inclusion of HA means is a significantly more hydrating lipstick.

Loss of lip hydration is the scourge of the lipstick wearer – nobody wants dry and flaky lips after an hour of ravishing red, so opting for an HA laced product will help your lips hang on to moisture for longer. And it’s £6.59! If you head over to any other lipsticks with HA, you’ll be sorely pushed to find anything for under £20.

Older doesn’t mean richer, so Moisture Renew is a great budget find that works across all ages.

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