[purchase] I picked up this product in Spain (we spent a long weekend in San Sebastian – what a wonderful place!) recently in a Douglas store and although I’ve seen it before because my travel writer friend Tamara has sent me pictures of it from her assignments, I was pleased to get my hands on it because it feels like a product that would translate extremely well to the Glossier loving UK market. I can’t believe that UK buyers are not looking at this although when I look at what countries sell it currently, it’s only the EU and our exit may well be the barrier to it being here in terms of logistics. Price wise, it sits in the middle market – the balm was EU10 and you can expect to pay around EU22 for a serum. The packaging is all in English – the products are made in Italy and the registered address is Germany.

One.Two.Free! Beauty

Because of liquid allowance I only bought this one glossy balm but there were plenty of things I would have snapped up otherwise. One.Two.Free! Beauty is mainly skin care focussed and yes, you guessed it from the name, comes under the clean beauty label. However, I like the fact that they acknowledge that there is no definition of ‘clean’ and this is their own interpretation of it which is a list of exclusions including cyclic silicones, phthalates, parabens and PEGs although they also include ‘chemical SPF’ (oxybenzone) in that list so I wonder if its something we will see going forwards as an avoid.

One.Two.Free! Beauty

When you go the website, you could actually be on Glossier. Unlike Glossier, who grew too big too fast, One.Two.Free! Beauty has fairly tight roster of products which in make up include creme blush, foundation and lip balm and for skin uses Japanese ferments for cleansers, serums and moisturisers. The visuals suggest that it’s for a young audience but like other brands who aim for this market, it has a lot to offer an older consumer too. The lightness of the products, the simple routines and the focus on skin glow. I also like the fact that they offer starter sets (approx EU13) – it’s something more brands should do so that we can have small sizes to decide whether a range is for us. There’s a site HERE that sells a small selection in GBP but it’s not one I’ve used.


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