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So, this is about time! Proper mini-makeup designed for travel and to beat that frustrating ‘I’ll never finish it’ feeling. Stowaway Cosmetics is the kind of makeup collection you’d want for your office drawer, your gym bag, your overnight bag and your carry-on luggage – it’s a little bit of a conundrum as to why this hasn’t happened before. If you’re anything like me, you hoard your little department store samples like gold dust so you can throw together a weekend kit for carry-on that won’t set off security.

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I’m taking my information from PopSugar, whose founders are seed investors in this range – and they cite the lipsticks as ‘pinky size’, cigarette length eyeliners and a blush no bigger than a silver dollar! Founders, Chelsa Crowley and Julie Fredrickson suggest the reason that you can’t find many small size products in stores from premium brands is because the manufacturing is the same cost as the big product. So nobody sees any sense in making them tiny. I know from my experience with the Givenchy/BBB Beauty Box that luxury samples cost a fortune to produce.. just because they’re little doesn’t mean they aren’t expensive.

I just think that Stowaway Cosmetics are really onto something here – they’re US based so I haven’t been able to try the products (they sell direct from their site which eliminates retailer and counter costs) – instead of a mish-mash of tiny sizes that we’ve managed to gather up, there’s something rather tidy about a range that is entirely small. It’s also a bonus for those who don’t wear make up every day – which means that your full sizes have zero chance of being used before it’s time to chuck them. Check out the website HERE and see what you think. Could this work for the UK market?

Don’t get me wrong.. I love collecting sample sizes of product – it gives me a chance to try new things when I’m away so I have a whole heap of reviews ready to be written on my return, so for me they’re incredibly useful. But, I just like the Stowaway Cosmetic concept.


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