[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] When I was at school (too many years ago to actually remember the date!), someone’s mum gave them a Charles of the Ritz face mask and she let me use it. I was literally stunned at how soft my skin was – it was beyond my imaginings that my skin could feel so utterly silky. It was a probably a pivotal beauty moment for me in realising the power of products but it’s taken the REN PHA Exfoliating Facial mask to rekindle that feeling of amazement. I like a proper mask – at the moment there is trend for calling any old moisturiser a mask when it isn’t but this, this, is something you will see and feel instant results from.

REN PHA Exfoliating Facial Review

The REN PHA Exfoliating Facial mask is certainly one to use in the morning – actually, I recommend, unless it’s a very, very moisturising mask, that you always mask in the mornings. It gives you a smooth and fresh canvas to apply make up on, it gives you plenty of glow and any skin soften and hydrating will show all day long – you don’t need any of those things while you sleep!

REN PHA Exfoliating Facial Review

The REN PHA Exfoliating Facial is particularly effective because it exfoliates in three ways – using Pomegranate Powder as a physical, Pomegranate extract as an enzyme and PHAs as a chemical. PHAs are Poly Hydroxy Acids which have a larger molecular weight than AHAs or BHAs and the advantage of that is all the work happens on the surface. The result is extremely soft, gently glowing skin that puts a smile on your face.  You only need to keep the mask on for two minutes before removing with a damp (not wet) cloth which times very nicely with the amount of minutes you need to brush your teeth. Ideally, use a hydrating serum straight afterwards for absolute skin goals. I’ve been using this sporadically for a couple of weeks now as I had a pre-launch sample and let me tell you, I have to sit on my hands not to use it every day – the results are a bit addictive. But, don’t give in – you only need it a couple of times a week. It can feel quite active but is a much more gentle form of exfoliation – if you’re sensitive, don’t let more than two minutes lapse and you can take it off earlier. The REN PHA Exfoliating Facial is £34 HERE and for once in my life, I don’t think it’s too expensive. It’s gorgeous – don’t use loads every time – you only really need a thin veil and you need to massage it around your face to get the most from the pomegranate powder.

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