[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad]  Paula’s Choice Hyaluronic Acid + Peptide Lip Booster is pretty much my dream product – we are approaching colder weather and I can absolutely guarantee the first thing to suffer will be my lips. I have non-smooth lips all year round but of course, as soon as the heating goes on, they get even more creased and dry looking. I swear that my water intake drops too, which I try not to let happen but invariably do. I’m about to start a two week test on a couple of new body products at exactly the right temperature change time – more or less the only time of year I really need to pay extra attention to avoid the black trouser dust! So, dry is at the top of my mind just now – and smooth is always top of mind when it comes to my lips.

Paula’s Choice Hyaluronic Acid + Peptide Lip Booster

I think it’s fairly standard Paula to throw everything at a product like this – peptides, hyaluronic, squalane, cocoa butter, shea butter … you name it, it’s there in the castor seed oil carrier. It’s an absolute joy on the lips – immediately at home, instantly nourishing and gives the perfect level of dewy, not gloopy, shine. Paula’s Choice Hyaluronic Acid + Peptide Lip Booster works both as a barrier and a smoother – if your lips are creased like mine, it certainly helps and is the kind of first aid lips need after a day in matte lipstick.

Paula’s Choice Hyaluronic Acid + Peptide Lip Booster

The consistency is more fluid than a balm (although, at the time of writing, there is a free balm to the first 1000 purchasers of the booster) which is why it has an applicator that you might expect to see on an eye serum or balm. It’s cooling so the sensation is pleasant although I’ve never felt the need to cool my lips personally! You do need to be careful not to over-squeeze – a little goes a very long way with this. There isn’t a taste as such – just maybe a light trace of generic oil – but thankfully no flavours or fragrances. Best time to use it, in my view, is before bed so your lips can have a long bath overnight. It’s £24 well spent in my view and you can find it HERE. 

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