Pantene BB
Pantene BB

A BB Creme for hair? Bearing in mind the true meaning of BB is blemish balm, then it’s not really possible for a hair product to be a BB, but what Pantene have done here is take the idea of a BB to mean more than one action and so with that artistic license of the term BB have achieved it really well.

The Pantene BB Creme is brilliant – and I don’t say that lightly. I did one of my common occurences and didn’t read the label properly – assumed it was a conditioner and used it as such til mid-way through my shower I realised that it wasn’t a traditional conditioner. But, I have to tell you that it worked perfectly well as one and the result I got from it was the same as I get from Kerastase Age Recharge – soft, manageable, conditioned and silky hair.

Pantene BB
Pantene BB

So, what you are supposed to do with it is use it as a leave-in conditioner – which obviously, I did as well, having rinsed the first lot out. It’s also got an anti-ageing title, which I guess if you really stretch the point, shiny, happy hair is quite anti-ageing. Listing out the 7 issues below that the Pantene BB Creme addresses, I can testify to 2, 3, 4 and 5 because I can feel it and see it on my hair.. I don’t even know what No.7 means!

1- Strength*
2- Shine
3- Smoothness
4- Lightweight nourishment
5- Hydration feeling
6- Damage repair**
7- Resilient tips*

Better yet, it’s £6.99 but gives a very premium feel and result. I like Pantene anyway – we all use it here – but this is another level.

My hair type is medium thickness,  slightly dry, dyed and prone to breaking ends.

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