Lucy Annabella Aromatherapy

I think I can flag up the Lucy Annabella Aromatherapy range as scents that make you smile. You know when you smell just the right thing for you and a big beam spotaneously appears on your face? I had that moment with two of the products from the range; the Spearmint & Lemongrass candle and the Time Out Organic Bath Milk.

Lucy Annabella Aromatherapy

I’ve already been using Time Out in my baths – as soon as I smelled this, I said it was like a hug in a bottle because it’s so warm and nurturing in nature. The arompatherapy oils used are cypress, orange, juniper berry, geranium, marjoram and chamomile. I’m not sure I could pick most of those out individually, but together they’re a gorgeous combination if what you feel you need is to be cared for a bit. I know they say that you are attracted to what you need with aromatherapy and it’s true that complete over-tiredness and feeling overwhelmed is getting the better of me at the moment, so maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to it at this time. Conversely, the Spearmint & Lemongrass candle is all about happy – it’s zesty and joyful and I have it by my laptop just now and keep sniffing at the unlit version just to get that hit of olfactory smiling.

The range is made by Colleen Harte, a clinical aromatherapist, and it’s worth pointing out that the bath milk formula means that it disperses in water, so you aren’t lying in your bath with a film of oil on the top; instead it’s all through the water. The Lucy Annabella Aromatherapy range launches into SpaceNK (and let’s face it, they’re pretty good at picking winners) in October and I can see that it will fly off the shelves. If you want to see more about the brand ahead of launch, it’s HERE.

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