It’s really quite a long time since I played with a premium skin care line, and you don’t get much more premium than Kanebo’s Sensai products. Kanebo works if you love that whole ritual of cleansing and moisturising rather than a swipe-with-a-wipe approach; there’s a whole lot of thought and consideration put into the luxury and textural element of it all; everything feels beautiful on the skin; the Silky Purifying Cleanser immediately felt ‘expensive’; the lather was thick, creamy and super-soft on the skin thanks to Kanebo emulsifying technology. It leaves your skin quite literally squeaky clean. I followed on with Sensai Silk Peeling Powder, £50. Minute exfoliating beads for friction free exfoliation is just beautiful on the skin, with the same superior emulsifying for absolute softness. Lastly, I used Silk Peeling Mask, £55, again good for micro-exfoliation with a very superior texture. Kanebo advocates a ‘double cleansing’ routine, so you’ll start with one cleansing product and follow with a Step-2 cleansing product to really purify the skin.
I’ve got to admit, my skin really did feel thoroughly cleansed; the products were delightful to use – they feel like the luxury items the prices indicate and if you wanted to push the boat out and spoil yourself, I can’t see how you could do better really. I love the idea of the kind of calmness and stillness that allows for an intense cleansing ritual and at some point I’d love to get in that zone and really focus on my skin with a series of purifying products; I can see it being almost meditative. It feels very Japanese to worship the skin in that way; simply putting the time aside to make it an enjoyable routine ought to have its own benefits, anyway.  That said, you need to have a laissez faire attitude to the life of a silk worm, because the core of the Sensai range is all about silk extracts, and very deep pockets.

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