[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things – full service by the end of the week I hope. Mr BBB has been struck down with a lurgy although managed to get up from his sick bed to make my birthday cheese & pineapple hedgehog! Max is going back to Sweden today and Lucy is back at work already. The house looks like a tornado has been through it. But, here we are – the first proper review of the year and it’s Sensai 38° C Tubing Mascara which is just incredible. I get asked a lot to recommend tubing mascaras and I never remember about Sensai but I’ve used it all over the holiday period and I just love it.

Sensai 38° C Tubing Mascara Review

Not only is the brush utterly perfect on new lash lengthener, but it lives up to its name by giving long, separated and luscious lashes. Really, I don’t have a single complaint about this at all (perhaps the price…). The reason it’s called Sensai 38° C is because that’s the temperature the filaments come away from the lashes at – anything lower and it will stay exactly where it began on your lashes. So, when it comes to removal, you will need your cloth to be warm. It’s very satisfying seeing the tubes in lash shapes on your washcloth as you gently press and pull away.

Sensai 38° C Tubing Mascara Review

The original version, Sensai 38° C Lash Volumiser, is as effective as you could hope and gives nicely plumped lashes. If you like a big lash look rather than a spiky lash look, this is the one for you. If you have short lashes that are hard to reach with a regular brush, use Lengthener, but if you have long lashes that are spindly, use Volumiser.

Sensai 38° C Tubing Mascara Review

I’ve got sore eyes at the moment (dry eyes) and am having to apply drops so this really couldn’t be a better because there’s no smudging or running. So, 38° C is roughly the temperature of a bath that feels comfortable and embracing without feeling too hot. There’s no ouching when you dip your toe in or that slow ease while squeaking a bit – that’s too hot for around the eyes. I mean, there’s no need to get the thermometer out – whatever feels naturally and comfortable warm will be ok. The price is £31 for either variety HERE.  It’s quite a price hike as previous iterations were £26 (still available at Harrods HERE). We have the luxury of budget mascaras being really pretty good so in my mind, this is reserved for holidays, rainy walks and anything that makes you laugh til you cry. 100% good.


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