Ioma Collagen Renew
Ioma Collagen Renew

It’s absolutely not my job to persuade you to buy into the whole beauty supplement thing; I can only go on my own experience (with Imedeen) and say I was taken by surprise at how well they can work and the results they can give.

I’ll say straight away that I haven’t tried the Ioma Collagen Renew – they call it ‘the future of anti-wrinkle treatment contained in a pill’ which is a pretty big statement. And yet, their studies, conducted on 500 people, give results of 25% reduction in creases.. which, er, doesn’t seem like that much to me. However, 75% said their skin texture was softer and smoother, 73% say their skin is moisturised, 73% say their skin looks healthier and 68% say their complexion is more radiant. I’d be happier if they were saying … “than before I took the tablets” at the end of each one because questions are often asked in such a way to give the ‘right’ answer. However, the trials were conducted in independent labs with a placebo group which is good.

To cut to the bottom line, Ioma Collagen Renew capsules contain Omega 3 (DHA+EPA), Isoflavins, Lycopene, Vitamin C and Vitamin E in set quantities developed by Ioma.These are 3 times a day – and I’m going to give them a go, but I might well take two and then one because the chances of me remembering three times in one day are nil. I’m also going to try a hair supplement soon, too… I will be rattling!

I’ve proved to myself that supplements do work (with Imedeen), but Ioma supplements are really expensive at £89 for 5 weeks supply, so I’d be looking for some strong indications in that time that they’re doing something. I’ll report back if there’s something tangible to talk about; if you never see it again on BBB, you’ll know where I’m at!

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