Collagen is a familiar word to anyone interested in beauty – there are thousands of supplements available and how many times do we hear beauty cream claims to ‘boost collagen’. So, it’s clear that collagen could have a part to play in beauty, but there’s more to this protein than that! Call me cynical, but I feel that many collagen supplements specifically pointed towards skin tend to be very expensive – I’m happy to have found an exception in AHS who provide affordable collagen supplements. Given how helpful collagen is thought to be for other things, I thought we’d take a look at those potential benefits too.

Affordable Collagen

A friend has taken collagen for years – she wouldn’t be without it – and is the most limber and vibrant older woman I know. Hitting midlife gives you some shocks – aches and pains that you’ve never had before (I am often complaining about my hips in winter – they seem to be more happy in summer – and it never occurred to me that hips would be an issue in later life). We are so programmed to think about skin as a ‘consequence’ of getting older that these other niggles can come as an unwelcome surprise. Studies have shown that collagen can help to boost connective tissue and in turn, muscles, so it could be a case of happier hips or whichever joints are making themselves felt. At the same time, plentiful collagen benefits blood vessels, bones, cartilage and gums.

Affordable Collagen

AHS Super Collagen + Vitamin C contains collagen types (yes, there are types!) 1 and 3 and the Vitamin C is there to contribute to collagen formation. Something I didn’t know is that you can’t measure collagen – you need to listen to your body for signs that it’s reduced, such as muscle aches, stiffness, gastro problems and skin that’s less bouncy. Type 1 Collagen is generally thought to be best for hair, skin, nails, bones and tendons while Type 3 Collagen is good for all of those too but also muscle and organ structure. I’ve done a lot of looking at supplements for this and AHS Super Collagen + Vitamin C at £16.99 for 180 (take 3 a day with food) is exceptionally good value – I’ve seen like products at £100 (and more). Skin aside, if you have brittle or peeling nails, dry hair or dull hair it may be that collagen could help. Remember though that supplements take a good few months to show any results so patience is all! It’s a good idea to make a note at the start of taking collagen that outlines your concerns so you have a measure – I’ve just noticed that my decolette marks after sleeping are not nearly so pronounced and I wish I’d thought to write it down because I’d forgotten it was even an issue.

Affordable Collagen

So, that’s a quick round up of potential benefits and a reminder to be a savvy shopper for your affordable collagen supplements – Superdrug often has great offers with AHS so it’s worth keeping an eye out – just now, they’re on offer – the £16.99 price is down from £19.99 HERE.

*Not suitable for vegetarians


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