[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Gosh, this beautiful candle is the antidote to the cold weather and little icy drops of snow that are fluttering outside. I love anything orange blossomy and Palais D’Orangers is one of the smoothest olfactory arrangements I’ve come across.

Guerlain Palais D’Orangers Candle Review

Its inspiration is, apparently, the White Palace in the Atlas Mountains. I was curious to see if this is actually a place (because I’m much more likely to believe in the inspiration from a heritage brand than I am a new brand who tend to create a useful marketing story) and it appears that it is although references to it are few and far between. It became the Marrakesh residence of the Moroccan royal family and is otherwise known as the Dār al-Bayḍā (which of course means White Palace but seems to also be Casablanca … this is a lesson on being careful which rabbit holes you go down but I do at least now know that there are 13 royal palaces in Morocco).

Guerlain Candle

Anyway, imagine yourself under blossoming orange trees in the shade from a beating sun… that soporific feeling of languidness and liquidity… with notes of fresh petitgrain and white petals drifting around you. Neroli, the smoothest vanilla and woody cedar round this fragrance off to perfection. It’s almost a night scent – a bit heady and sensual – a quick search tells me that orange blossom does intensify at night so it’s not that chirpy day time orange blossom aroma this time. At £90, it’s an absolute treat of a candle (refillable – £64 per refill) best sampled on chilly, dark evenings where you need to sink into the warmth of your blanket and dream of holidays or in summer when it’s belting hot and you need a candle-lit glass of something lovely with ice in the heat of the garden or on the balcony. 100% yum.  You can find it at Harrods HERE. I might be tempted to give this as a wedding gift for the couple who already have everything they need.



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