[productsample/affiliate] If there is one single beauty brand that sums up the ‘made-for-millennials’ movement, it’s Glossier. If you’ve forgotten how millennials are categorised (as I always do), they’re born between 1981 and 1996, which very firmly counts me out as a target consumer for this brand. But, I guess you would say that Glossier has accidentally made a lipstick collection that is completely perfect for those of us out of that bracket who are also following the less is more path.

Glossier Generation G Sheer Mattes

Although make up moods come and go, I can honestly say I haven’t really been in a ‘full’ make up mood for months and I’ve never felt completely confident with a bright lip. The odd occasion comes along where I feel okay to wear a bright colour but never matte, that’s for sure. What’s rather genius about the Generation G lipsticks is their lack of pigment that tints the lips enough that they’re present but don’t take over the whole face. They’re the ideal lipsticks for complementing a strong eye look (you can do as you please, obviously, but full eyes and lips are tricky) but also perfect for every day wear when you need to look polished but not painted. Above: Jam, Leo, Crush.

Glossier Generation G Sheer Matte

The finish feels almost like a full colour lippie – it has the same sort of last because it holds so well to the lips. It’s not a harsh matte finish either – there is a low sheen to it that’s natural and flattering and at £14 a pop HERE, which feels very reasonable for a lipstick in today’s market, I think they’re great value. Above is Cake and Like. I’ve got an IGTV over on Instagram talking about them so you can see how they perform and look HERE because a translucent swatch on the arm is a very different thing to seeing it on actual lip colour.

Glossier Generation G Sheer Matte

In the swatch (ignore the first one – that’s coming up in a sec) from bottom to top: Jam, Leo, Crush, Cake and Like.

Glossier Red

As soon as I put this on my lips, I knew it was perfect for me! It’s the Glossier lip gloss in Red that carries the translucent theme forward in a high shine, low pigment format that gives a hint of red while making lips look radiant. I LOVE it! It’s for anyone who is red-shy because the nuance is there, just not the loudness.

Glossier Gloss

It’s swatched in the main picture but also features on my IGTV. I can’t believe that it’s £11 – it feels like a bargain because this easy and light shade of red is hard to come by. In texture, it has hold which means that it’s very slightly tacky – if you hate gloss you won’t like it, but if, like me, you adore them, it’s exactly right. You can find it HERE. Millennial or not, who cares – these are fabulous if you’re after dialed-down make up that still serves your face well.

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