[unpaid/sample] We are all watching this new brand grow – it’s one of the great delights of running a site like this where you can actually chart a brand’s path and see how they’ve done over the years. Lots have dropped by the wayside – who could have predicted that we wouldn’t have Prescriptives, Becca, Marc Jacobs and more? Sometimes, it’s more risky to be at the behest of a huge company than it is to be small and independent. It’s every small brand’s dream to be picked up – that’s where the real money lies, but a lot of effort and risk has to go into getting it anywhere near ready for such a step.

Gen See Pick Me Up Lip Matte New Shades

I like this brand’s explanation of what ‘clean’ beauty means to them : “On the ingredient level, clean beauty means that we formulate in compliance with the EU and with those of the leading clean beauty retailers in the US. To us, though, clean beauty is also about sustainable packaging, being vegan and cruelty free and ethical and inclusive work practices.” That’s really straightforward, non-alarmist and to the point.

Gen See Pick Me Up Lip Matte Lipstick New Shades

Anyway, we can see they’re building their colour inventory which is great. With the latest shades, Gen See has gone down the pink route so if that’s your tone preference, you will like these, I think. The formula is matte, but it’s a light matte, and the pigment is quite flexible – you can add layers if you want a bold shade, add gloss if you want a sheeny tint or just wear it gently at one swipe.

Gen See Pick Me Up Lip Matte Lipstick New Shades

From bottom to top: Reva, Shi, Tori and Naomi. They’re £21 each HERE.

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