It’s that time again, when all the fashion and beauty magazines are showing just how bad a celebrity can look in a bikini. All a bit unfair really, when we never get to see the fashion and beauty editors looking no doubt utterly gorgeous in theirs. But you can’t escape the fact that at the same time the bikinis come out, so does the cellulite. Cellulite creams can cost a (dimpled) arm and leg; a quick ingredient check of those that have recently landed on my desk show that they contain roughly the same basic ingredients; antioxidants, AHAs, caffeine (to stimulate blood flow) and Retinoids (that makes skin plumper by stimulating collagen, hiding the bumps). While cellulite is a naturally occuring storage pattern of fat, its thought to be down to genetics as to how much or little you will have. It’s apparantly unrelated to weight loss. And, its important to note that most anti-cellulite products claim not to banish cellulite, but to ‘improve the appearance of cellulite’. Which is as good as its going to get until someone discovers the holy grail of altering fat distribution. So you may as well save your pennies for something more interesting, like a sarong, and opt for a less pricy version. I like Nivea My Silhouette, 11.99 pounds, which contains all the usual suspects, and if nothing else, gives you super smooth skin.

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