A little bit by accident, I’ve been seeing what happens if I don’t slather my body with moisturiser over the winter months. For a start, I hate getting out of a hot bath and faffing around applying (cold) creams – I like to dry quickly and dive straight into my PJ’s to stay warm for as long as possible! So, it’s a little bit laziness and a little bit of curiosity that has brought this experiment about.

I can safely say that I haven’t used body lotion, balm, exfoliator or cream since the end of October – other than very occasionally – and nothing very bad has happened! The only place that is a little bit dry is the lower leg area.. around the shins…but everywhere else doesn’t look or feel dry. There has been no skin soreness or tightness either, which I am very surprised about. However, where I have noticed a difference is with the skin texture. It isn’t nearly as smooth as when I use a moisturiser (especially one with AHAs in) but that doesn’t really matter for winter months when everything is shrouded in Uniqlo Heat-Tech anyway. I had thought that my skin would totally react to zero attention in terms of dryness and it simply hasn’t. That said, we are not over the hump of winter yet and I guess it could still come, in which case, I’ll be right back on it, but for now I’m very much enjoying dropping what I thought was an absolute essential out of my routine.



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