You can’t have missed the revised information about HRT that came out yesterday. Broadly speaking, safe, for as long as you want to take it.

Aside from the millions of women who are either denied it by their GPs, or arbitrarily taken off it at a time deemed suitable by the GP, regardless of circumstance, there are women who have been so put off even trying HRT because of any perceived risks they’ve just battled on through it with nothing.

As we all know, advice can change like the wind, and I would never point anyone one way or another (I’m not in the least qualified to do so) but there is one point that I’d like to make.

What if… just what if.. all the women who DO take HRT have that to thank for their beautiful skin, and er, not beauty products? You know, a nice surge of daily oestrogen so that your skin stays plump and hydrated.

You have to take a look at extrinsic skin ageing vs intrinsic skin ageing. Extrinsic is external factors (UV for example), while intrinsic is ruled by your own biology. Bottom line is, that oestrogen levels affect skin hydration, collagen production, the thickness of your skin and production of natural hyaluronic acid. So, when oestrogens go, so do all those skin benefits. It’s no wonder the beauty market has its eyes on 50+, warned off HRT and suddenly depleted of all those internal factors that help to keep skin looking younger.

It’s not so long ago that our life expectancy wasn’t much past 50, so ageing back then – you were lucky to encounter wrinkles! However, it’s little wonder that we’re ageing ‘better’ than our mums did because they didn’t have access to HRT. I’m not so sure any more that we can thank potent beauty formulas for as much as we think, and going forward, if indeed HRT is safe for the majority with no health risks no matter how long you take it, we’re going to have some very glowy and bouncy 80 year olds in the not too distant future. Bring them on!

Of course, genetics plays a part, and external factors, but having all your oestrogen back is a significant thing (not only for skin and hair, obviously) but I don’t think I have seen any brand studies that divide HRT vs non HRT and we need to be asking for those with replete hormones vs those with depleted hormones. I think it has to make a difference.


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