Although it is difficult for me to put things to a long term test, five days on this lightest of oils is enough to know that it’s a keeper. Rosa Fina Secret Essence Face & Decolletage Oil is a lesson to other oils in regeneration. Containing rosa mosqueta, argan and calendula oils, (omega 7-rich) sea buckthorn and a bucket load of other omega packed oils and vitamins, it is probably one of the lightest in texture facial oils that I’ve used, and yet gives a pretty power-packed result. I used this while I was away on a trip for five days – as most of the days were spent in the hot sun, it was quite a tall ask of this tiny bottle of oil to ensure that my complexion didn’t take on that of a 100 year old tortoise.

Rosa Fina Secret Essence Face & Decolletage Oil has some impressive clinical stats behind it and – now I see why – has a Green Beauty Bible award to it’s somewhat long name. Claims that it improves fine lines by 20% over 4 weeks have been proven. With some oils, I find that although they are wonderfully softening, they do leave residue even by the following morning – this one doesn’t. It kept my skin completely hydrated on holiday; soft, plump and smooth, and more importantly, balanced. It’s easy for skin to go into reaction overdrive when you’re baking it and smothering it in sunscreen, but it stayed in a completely balanced condition for the five days.

The only thing I’m not loving is the dropper delivery system that seemed somewhat fiddly, especially as I couldn’t get it to deliver more than a couple of drops each time and more was needed. It’s also quite expensive at £26.95 for 15ml.

Although I’m now trialling a different skincare range, I do keep coming back for a little Rosa Fina booster.

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