Atkinsons Jasmine In Tangerine

Seriously, how often does a fragrance make you feel like this! Once again (it’s happening too often, I know), Atkinsons is a fragrance brand that I’ve felt very little interest in until today. The discovery of Atkinsons Jasmine In Tangerine has made me feel practically poetic (don’t worry, I’ll spare you), it’s such a joy of a fragrance.

Atkinsons is a heritage brand (from 1799) – I’ve got to admit I don’t love all the flowery language around their fragrance; noses can get so lost in the fantasy that they forget to tell you about the reality. In this instance Atkinsons Jasmine In Tangerine smells as it sounds – the sweetness and faint decay of Jasmine suspended in the sharpness and fruitiness of tangerine. It shouldn’t work, but does. The fragrance starts with cologne elements but warms down to a skin scent that’s almost animalic; so it smells like a sexier version of you, so to speak, while retaining a freshness.

All noses are different – but this is what I’m picking up, and to find a fragrance that feels like mine from day one is quite something. The Atkinsons website is a nightmare – Jasmine in Tangerine is a Harrods Exclusive and super pricy at £120, but if you’re passing, definitely stop in and have a sniff. I don’t think there is a bath lotion version, but if there was, I’d have to give up blogging in favour of day long baths. It’s just lovely. You can find it HERE.

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