[unpaid/sample] Jasmine is a very particular scent – you either love it or you hate it (yes, I’m obsessed with Marmite at the moment which I swear is my body telling me I need B vitamins). I love any of the heady night bloom kind of notes but while I was poorly I couldn’t have any scents anywhere near me – even food was hard to manage. So, I’m coming at this (and the other fragrances I have had to put in the queue) as the first fragrance I’ve used for over three weeks – nearly four.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine

To start with, it’s very beautiful to look at – I suddenly started thinking of feature walls in my otherwise muted tone house and how lavish a cushion set with the floral pattern would look strewn around. The good thing about fashion brands that expand is that they make everything look so lovely.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine

The fragrance is very creamy – it’s a soft jasmine bathed in magnolia so the overall effect isn’t the dizzying punch that some jasmine led perfumes can be. It’s rich, there’s no getting away from that although mandarin essence gives it a breath of citrus that cuts through. The last seems to be good although I lost the fragrance part way through the day – I can’t in all honesty lay that at the door of the juice because it could just as easily be me. You’ll like this if you love white florals that settle to a discreetly lush impression on the skin – you won’t like it if you prefer something heavy and statement. I thought perhaps it was aimed at a youth market (Miley Cyrus is the face of this – imagine my surprise that she turns out to be 29!) but to be honest, my first impression wasn’t that it had any leaning to any particular group, so definitely a suit-all. The Perfume Shop has the 30ml for £60 HERE.



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