[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] This is the last of my Nest Perfume Oils to review – I saved it for last because I’m such a sucker for jasmine – that headiness and depth! I love it. As it turns out, jasmine isn’t the star turn – it’s super fruity from the get go with the jasmine sliding in sometime later.

Nest Perfume Oil Indian Jasmine Review

I think we can safely say, after three separate reviews, that Nest likes fruit. This is a big burst of juicy berries and I am certain I can ascertain strawberries but after that, I can’t pick anything else out specifically. If you love a berry blast, you’ll get one here :-).

Nest Perfume Oil Indian Jasmine Review

If we look at the fragrance pyramid for Indian Jasmine, the jasmine appears in the middle layer. Reading through other reviews of this fragrance, where it seems to be winning is with those who like jasmine but find it overpowering and I really get that. Full throttle jasmine can edge towards a sweet decay – almost unbearable – so that intensity has certainly been leveled out. Personally, I think I would rather take my chances with an over the top jasmine with no fruit but that’s very much a personal choice. The finish is pink peppercorns which I can take or leave but the overall impression is an optimistic and happy scent that is summery to its core – pair it with a fruit laden Pimms in the garden or park 🙂 You can find it HERE and I’m suggesting the smaller version at £32.

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