I’ve been having real problems sleeping recently: finding it hard to switch off enough to nod off and eventually when I do, I end up waking at stupid o’clock in the morning well before I’m ready. I think I’ve been averaging about four hours sleep a night – clearly not even nearly enough. And worse still, all I seem to do is say ‘I’m tired, I’m tired’, which I then feel bad about because there is nothing more tiring listening to someone wailing about how exhausted they are! It’s a real energy killer. 

One of the things I’ve always found relaxing is a hot bath with Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax but in the summer that’s not really what I want, so I decided to try the aromatherapy diffuser with Relax oil instead. I’m quite hard to convince that aromatherapy really works – how do I know whether it’s the hot bath or the oils that do the job? And, I’ll never truly know. The same with the diffuser. But what I can say is that having used it for the past four nights putting it on a couple of hours before bed and leaving it on all night, I’ve slept significantly better. In fact this morning, I didn’t wake til ten to nine and that, my friends, is unheard of! I don’t care whether it’s in my head or in my nose.. it’s doing the trick and I’m a much nicer person as a result! 

The diffuser is expensive at £38.50 and the oil also at £18, but in my case, worth every penny. The other thing I like about the diffuser is that it is really unobtrusive and it can’t overheat so at least the detail of burning down my house while I slumber isn’t something else to keep me awake!

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