We know our faces so well, don’t we? Even by just touch. Without looking in a mirror, our fingertips will tell us how our skin is doing. I lose count of the number of times I touch my face in a day, whether it’s to push my hair out of my eyes, to rub my eyes when they’re tired or to watch TV arm bent and leaning on the side of the sofa with my face resting on one hand. I notice that I often sit at the computer with my hands on my face, fingers splayed open, reading something on-line, that I check my chin subconsciously a lot (too much) and that I push my hair back starting at the beginning of my forehead rather than at my hairline in a kind of frustrated gesture.

It’s thought that face touching is a form of comfort which is why skin care rituals, and paying yourself that time and attention, can be so profoundly pleasant and worthwhile. Skin on the face is full of nerve endings, so it’s there to be enjoyed.

When Shiseido asked me to trial the Future Solutions LX range I wanted to do it straight away. It’s a mindful routine, built on sensory experience and meaningful, deliberate touch. It’s been a long time since I’ve properly trialled a luxury skin care system over several weeks. I didn’t rush it – it’s a lot of money – which is how I came to notice how many times a day I touch my face. I’m using Shiseido Future Solutions LX Intensive Firming Serum, £300 HERE, Total Regenerating Night Cream, £285 HERE, Total Regenerating Day Cream, £260 HERE and Concentrated Balancing Softener, £92 HERE. I said it was a lot! I’ve also been trialling the Future Solutions LX Total Solutions Foundation and I have already done a separate post on that HERE.

I’ve become aware that my complexion feels and looks different. Friends are commenting on my skin, it looks as satiny as it feels. From having tired looking skin, it now looks wide awake and recharged. I’m used to this temporarily from using beautiful face masks, but I have it all the time at the moment, becoming apparent at about week 3 of use and getting better still along the way (I will update towards the end of January and include a review of the foundation from the same range).

So, I’ll try and explain my way through the ingredients and science behind the Future Solution LX Range. Shiseido has patented SkingenecellEnmei (I know, don’t try saying it after a gin) which is a skin strengthening combination of Enmei herb (found at the foothills of Mount Koya in Japan and cultivated by Shiseido), Skingenecell 1 and Vitamin C. The Enmei plant stimulates Surtuin 1 (sometimes known as the longevity gene) to self-repair while boosting the skin’s immune system. Strong, healthy skin behaves better than skin struggling to cope with pollutants, lack of sleep or poor diet. Skin cells need to be energetic, they need the strength to perform at their best and show as a vibrant, glowy complexion. In addition to SkingenecallEnmei, Future Solution LX contains liquorice extracts – used in the right way with the right combination of other ingredients it can make noticeable inroads on skin firmness. Japanese brands like to use botanicals in their skincare, so partnering up with liquorice are angelica root (good for the aforementioned cell energy), Uji Green Tea (antioxidant) and Oshima Sakura Leaf that holds elastin deterioration at bay.

I’m not in any doubt that the Future Solution LX collection has proven itself on my skin and to be honest, so it should – but it’s also drawn me back to rituals, not least by Shiseido’s aromachology blend of cherry blossom, plum blossom and Japanese rose that smells enticingly clean. If you’re going to spend high on luxury skin care, it needs to be worthwhile in terms of making you feel nurtured, making your skin look glowing and radiant, and help you feel positive about your complexion’s appearance. Then we’re back to touch again. When you can feel velvety, soft bounce in your complexion, when your skin feels smooth, balanced and fully hydrated – all of the time – those comfort touches are all the more rewarding.


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