Honore Des Pres: I Love Carrots Eau de Parfum


Absolutely nothing to do with Yes To Carrots, this quirky fragrance brand has come up with some very innovative packaging…to-go cups. As is always the case with French fragrances, there is something of a wordy story to the origins and … Read more

Puma Animagical Eau de Toilette


Proctor & Gamble aren’t pretending that they’re bringing out a sophisticated men’s fragrance with this product – it’s firmly aimed at a younger market and priced accordingly. However, there is something about the garish packaging that reminds me of a … Read more

The Results Are In! Jeanne Piaubert Speed Dieting & One Week Anti-Wrinkle Lip Treatment


Okay, so I’ve managed to stay the course with both these products for the whole week. Speed Dieting is one tube with half and half of day and night serum; one application in the morning and one in the evening … Read more