Charlie at has been testing Chanel Inimitable Mascara in Rouge Noir. Thanks Charlie!!

“Words cannot express my joy at being asking to review this new shade of Inimitable Mascara for British Beauty Blog. I am exaggerating slightly, but really, I was rather pleased. I’ve used Inimitable in the past, I’m not sure why I stopped, probably just because I fancied a change, but I digress. Chanel Rouge Noir Mascara. Did I want to try it? You bet I did!

So it arrived, I took it out, cooed at it a little bit and then put it away again. And then I got it out again and cooed a lot more! It is just how you imagine it would be. Rouge Noir; a dark reddy-black. First observation – clump city. Seriously, I’m sure my Black Inimitables of the past weren’t clumpy? Maybe I got a bad one or something, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s not a smooth application. It’s very definitely clumpy; I can work with it and I’ve had worse, but it’s not brilliant.

Ok, so in the pic I’d managed to comb out the worst of the clumps, but I think you can probably all see it’s not smooth… the other thing you’ll probably be thinking on looking at that pic is that it looks black. Do not fear, that pic is a false representation. It’s subtle and you kind of need to look at the face as a whole, but it is different to black. You can tell its Rouge Noir. I really think you can but it’s simply not as dramatic as my usual black.

I can’t wholeheartedly recommend this and it was something of a disappointment, largely because of the clumping. Assuming I had a rogue batch and that it’s normally much silkier than this then yes I do recommend. I’m not entirely sure the colour is for me, but I think it might be stunning on brown eyes.

Now I need a Rouge Noir Lippie, Lip liner and in fact, would you believe I don’t even have the polish? Do you think that might be overkill?

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