While I’m still welded to my Clarisonic, and still sporadically zapping rogue hairs with the Boots Smooth Skin by Ipulse, I must admit I’ve all but given up on Slendertone Face and didn’t like Stop one little bit. I absolutely do like Slendertone Face, but in the end I grew weary of it. While I am sure it improves skin tone, and certainly does increase circulation in the face, the faff of sticking on the sticky things, and the fiddle of charging it up got the better of me. Maybe I am just too lazy. I do think you have to be very good at routine – the main requirement of a beauty gadget if you are ever to see a result – and I am too haphazard, I think. Clarisonic just seems easier somehow to remember..I keep it by the sink in the bathroom so it’s always there as a reminder to give my face a quick whizz. I didn’t even complete my time with the Philips Lumea – perhaps the biggest commitment I’ve given to any product, gadget or otherwise, in a long while. But, it was a big ask – to head up to the Soho Hotel to zap myself (not to be trusted with it at home, clearly) once a fortnight for two months. After three goes, I’ve still got underarm hair, although it is growing more slowly. Somewhat cheekily, in my view, part of the deal was that they offer to sell you one at a reduced rate after session 4. The penny only dropped that it wasn’t such great deal or anything of a two way street with Lumea after session 3 – they’ve had the most hits of any product ever on my site, totalling at current calculations over 10,000 – and yet I’ve been the one schlepping up into London in the middle of a busy day to make time for them, and then they try and flog me one. Frankly, they should be giving it away and a bunch of flowers, too.

Browsing Sephora.com earlier in the day I spotted a new gadget promising to give a diamond microdermabrasion effect. I just thought, oh no, not another bloody gadget. NuBrilliance promises a ‘stunningly smooth, youthful complexion’. It’s okay thanks, I think I’ll just live with the complexion I’ve got for now.

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