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Worst Beauty Advice of 2009

This award has to go to Vogue’s November Make Do & Mend Issue in which they suggested we use black pipe cleaners to fashion ourselves a pair of ‘statement’ eyebrows.…
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2010 Emerging Nail Trends

Revlon MintedRevlon Lilac PastilleThere’s a real pastel theme emerging for next year’s nails, sparked in no small part by Chanel’s creamy fondant green Jade polish this autumn. Two new shades…
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Victoria Jackson: Discuss

I received this Anon comment yesterday regarding Victoria Jackson and thought I’d publish it on the main page because it is the first time I’ve had a comment leaping to…
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Slimming Cream? Whatever For?

Generally, I have a pretty relaxed attitude to the myriad of lotions and potions that I’m asked to test – I don’t always have faith that they’ll actually do anything,…
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Love & Toast

Kind of ironic that my last post was all about packaging, and then I find these little beauties from Love & Toast which proves my point all over again. They’re…
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