Worst Beauty Advice of 2009

This award has to go to Vogue’s November Make Do & Mend Issue in which they suggested we use black pipe cleaners to fashion ourselves a pair of ‘statement’ eyebrows. Vogue, what were you thinking? Thanks to www.beautyeditor.ca, a special … Read more

The Top 5 of 2009: Simply The Best


Rather than do a full blown review of all things beauty, I’m picking out my top five products that really stood out in 2009. It’s torture to limit myself to five, but at least this way you’ll know that nobody’s … Read more

Beauty Wishes for 2010


So, here’s my list of things that I WISH someone would invent – please do add in your own inventions! 1. Wash-Off Nail Dye: so all you need post-dying in the colour of your choice is a slick of clear … Read more

2010 Emerging Nail Trends


Revlon MintedRevlon Lilac PastilleThere’s a real pastel theme emerging for next year’s nails, sparked in no small part by Chanel’s creamy fondant green Jade polish this autumn. Two new shades from Revlon launching in March have caught my eye, Lilac … Read more

Almost Painless : Injectables

I knew there was something I forgot to post about! Just before Christmas I had a few fillers put in to disguise those smoky creases (yes, I know, a smoking beauty editor – shoot me now) round my mouth…I always … Read more

Nars Orgasm Illuminator for February


Nars Orgasm IlluminatorNars very kindly gave the heads up for some of the new products coming in 2010 in their Christmas card. The one that Nars fans will probably be most excited about is the Nars Orgasm Illuminator coming to … Read more