Estee Lauder Make Up Brushes

I was sent a set of the brand new brushes from Estee Lauder before Christmas so I’ve had plenty of time to put them to the test. I’m not really a ‘tools’ person, preferring to grab any old thing that will do the job, but I have to say that these really do hit the spot – and even more so if you are a brush afficionado as I know many are. They’re all ultra-soft, making blending a doddle, with good length handles for a proper grip. I particularly liked the powder brush (shown), although I’ve been using it for blusher. They aren’t budget friendly brushes though, with the powder brush coming in at a whopping £32 which puts them firmly into the luxury category for me. Are they worth it? Hmm, that’s a hard call with so many similarly priced (Laura Mercier for example) or less costly brushes on the market. On balance, if you are a brush girl, you’ll adore these – if, on the other hand you are like me and a bit ‘meh’ about tools, shop around and you’ll find similar quality for considerably less.

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