Monthly archive March, 2008

A Shot In The Dark

Yes, we do envy our American sisters who can get all the latest beauty and cosmetic enhancers before we do usually, but I’m afraid I won’t be hot-footing for the latest across the pond treatment – The G-Shot. Yep, a nice shot of collagen into the G-spot that sets you back £800 is the latest... Read More

Call me Spoilt…

Call me Spoilt...
But I cannot take a bath these days in just plain water. It’s wrong somehow…like bacon without the eggs or cappuchino without caffeine. One of my absolute favourite bath-enhancers is Darphin Aromatic Bath & Body Oil, £35. Yes, I know you can get a bottle of Radox for about £2 but the sumputousness of this... Read More

How Did I Miss This?

How Did I Miss This?
Somehow the whole pomegranate-Rodial thing passed me by – and yet having been using Rodial Glam Balm for two weeks now (after having to radically alter everything since my skin reactions) it’s one of the few products that I’m happy to call miraculous! I’ve had a tube sitting on my beauty shelves for about a... Read More

It’s Just Not My Philosophy

It's Just Not My Philosophy
Millions of beauty lovers adore the range Philosophy – but it just doesn’t do it for me. My most recent sample was a huge bottle of green ‘gelee’, scented with lime, for use in the bath or shower. It made me wonder when in my life I ever needed to wash with chemical green slime... Read More

Arty Beauty

Arty Beauty
You’d be forgiven for thinking that bronzer time will never appear. Despite having 17 weathers in one day at the moment, choosing a bronzer is going to be difficult this summer, purely because the choice is just so amazing. Lancome’s offering is probably the most dramatic and definitely has the wow factor….roll on summer…and the... Read More

Easily Pleased

Easily Pleased
Give me a palette and I’m happy. Honest, it’s just that simple. I’m currently completely besotted with Bobbi Brown’s Raspberry Palette that gives muted smokey eyes without even trying. Bobbi is famous for her ‘pop’ of blush – ultra bright shades that translate to skin as a healthy, understated flush. The collection of colours in... Read More

Base Desire

Now that daylight is changing from interminable winter gloom to something rather brighter, it can be a bit of shock to see your skin in this new, far more revealing vein. It’s not summer yet, so no need to dive to the bottom of your make up bag for tinted moisturisers, but if you use... Read More