Ever wonder who decides what the next big thing in skincare is? This month, Allure thinks it’s anti-oxidant packed Coffee Berry…next month, who knows? But trend predictions for the organic market are pointing in the direction of fruit. Organic apricot, ginger, lime, cranberry and grapefruit hibiscus are all heading to a face cream near you. Apparantly, the UK market is more amenable to identifiable ingredients, rather than, say, vine leaf extracts. Which will be why organic brine extracts from the Brittany coast is expected to also be a hit, then. However, on the scientific side, new ingredients are less tasty – yes, than the brine! Skincare line Le Mystere has harnessed all the ‘goodness’ from cow After Birth Milk for you to slap on your face. Colustrum apparantly has many moisturising properties. So, while Alpine cows are doing their bit for global beauty, I say leave it for the calves.

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