As someone who knows exactly how winter can trigger tiredness and low mood, my interest was immediately piqued by the Hello-Day spring collection. Targeting supplements to the time of year is something that I haven’t really seen before as an edit but as a bit of a supplement fan, it makes total sense to me.

Formulated in France, using natural vitamins and plant extracts, in the spring collection, there are targeted categories where winter might have taken its toll.

Firstly, Circulation Active, that helps to lower blood pressure and improve circulation. I have never thought to take a supplement to deal with circulation but it’s a contributor to lethargy and feeling generally weak. I would put myself as suffering from both of these things. A few years ago I gave up gluten and it did really help to shake off tiredness, but only to a certain point. If there is one thing I’m constantly craving, it’s more energy. I now have a very low gluten diet.

Secondly, there is Libido Stimulate. Now, don’t panic that you’ll feel like ravaging the postman, it’s more of a re-energising treatment using magnesium and maca root to reduce fatigue and boost motivation – which obviously would have a knock on effect if really all you want to do in bed is sleep or eat crisps.

Next up is Digestion Detox. A key time for your digestive system to go into melt-down is winter – comfort food, desire for sugary things (I’ve put on weight this winter like never before) and a lack of energy or motivation to cook healthily. I would have to raise a guilty hand to all of these. Digestion Detox uses fennel to help the digestive tract behave better so you don’t have to add yet another symptom to the long list of post-winter woes.

Finally, Vitality Balance. This addresses stress and anxiety which can quickly take hold if you feel exhausted and run down. Siberian Ginseng and Magnesium help reduce fatigue while strengthening mental and physical energy.


As a user of SAD lights, last year I skipped through winter without needing them at all, but this year I feel I’ve really made a mistake in not putting them on. Without doing a big over-share, I have felt literally debilitated with exhaustion this winter, particularly through February, and wish I’d put more effort into counteracting it. I just kept thinking it would get better, and it didn’t. One of the things that put me off addressing it is the sheer effort of finding the right supplements in the right combination – it’s so complicated and everything promises so much. So, to have all of the right things already prepared to target the very symptoms that leave you almost unable to help yourself is quite honestly, a blessing. £69 seems extremely reasonable to have the thing you most need addressed.

Hello-Day App

It’s also very well worth downloading the Hello-Day App (App Store or Google Play HERE) that helps you manage your well-being goals. Right now, although the clock change has really helped, my goals are getting through the day without a nana-nap, but there is decent dietary and emotional well-being advice that is enough of a reminder to look after yourself when you know you’re low.

I’m absolutely a believer in supplements and this set of professionally curated formulas is resonating so strongly with me right now. I am a summer creature – I blossom in sunshine, have all the energy and positivity in the world, and I am the opposite in winter. I’m also the worst at dealing with it because it makes me furious that I can’t do everything I want to do and that’s quite negative and draining in itself!


There are collections for all seasons – this one, The Spring Collection supports your body in ‘waking up’ after winter so you emerge from that fug more quickly and effectively. I am honestly so pleased with this discovery.

I really didn’t mean for this post to be so long, but if you’re like me and dip very low and high with the seasons, then I would whole-heartedly recommend some further investigation into the Hello-Day seasonal collections. You can find Hello-Day HERE.

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