As the UK gears up for summer, anyone with dry skin conditions greets the onset of wall-to-wall sunshine with trepidation. If you’ve read this blog for a little while, you’ll know that we have skin issues in our family – for Lucy, my daughter, in particular, dry and itchy skin is an on-going issue and I keep everything you could imagine to hand to help alleviate it.

Hers tends to flare up in summer but for others, winter could equally be a trigger – or both. Either way, it’s an absolute pain and seemingly, keeping it under control, whether its flaring or not, is the key. The two newest products from Diprobase are exactly what’s needed for us – it’s hard to fit sensible skin solutions into a hectic lifestyle, but being, let’s say, not always reliable on maintenance, the Itch Relief Cream 50ml is Lucy’s ideal product to chuck in her handbag when she’s off to work.

That said, Diprobase Daily Moisturising Cream doesn’t feel like any kind of effort because it’s so easy to use. It’s one I’ve tested out myself and could have sworn it was a shea butter base because it’s so smooth and softening, but in fact, it’s glycerine and olive oil playing their part in the formula. It sinks in quickly (banish any thoughts of sticky, thick unguents here), has no fragrance and is super-light while still giving that important moisture lock. At the same time, the addition of prebiotics helps to strengthen skin’s natural barrier.


Keeping moisture in dry or sensitive skin is really so crucial. Central heating, air conditioning, water – even just the air around you can deplete your natural moisture levels and when they’re already low, as in a dry skin condition, you need to hang on as much as possible. That’s only an option if you’re keeping it in with a barrier such Diprobase Daily Moisturiser – which I can say feels nothing like a ‘traditional’ weighty barrier cream. But, you do need to keep doing it – routine is everything here.

I know exactly how dry and itchy skin can make you feel – it’s just a constant discomfort that’s wearing and upsetting. Flare ups can crop up from nowhere when you least expect them and the urge to scratch your skin (don’t!) when you’re out or at work is inconvenient at best. Diprobase Itch Relief Cream works within 30 minutes so you don’t end up irritating your skin further by scratching – it’s already in Lucy’s handbag.

I feel pretty impressed by these two new solutions that have taken into account active lifestyles rather than assume you can sit at home swathing yourself in oily creams. Lightweight, easy to use and thoroughly effective for us – they’re the dry skin dream team.

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