Making space for yourself – how often do we recommend it to friends and yet never quite get around to doing it for ourselves? Positive moments matter – the size or shape of them doesn’t – but I have some ideas with Very to focus on making them easy and meaningful.

I’m a big fan of aromatherapy but somehow didn’t have a diffuser, despite always wanting one. I can’t tell you what a delight the Bodi-Tek Aroma Diffuser is with a mesmerising stream of scented steam permeating the room and its gently changing colour – a rainbow for the soul. £29.99 HERE feels like an absolute snip for this – it’s simple as anything to set up and works instantly. I use Aromatherapy Associates Forest Bathing Essential Oil, £25, at the moment which is green, mossy and earthy – very grounding – but really whatever feels right is fine. It’s an easy, easy recommend, particularly for switching focus from work time to down time.

Spritzing a fragrance creates an instant moment – that then speaks to you for the rest of the day. I’ve picked out Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Spring, £59, and I’m smiling just looking at the bottle. I like to have fresh flowers in the house but at the moment it’s whatever I can grab while I’m doing a once a week supermarket run so the bright petals on the bottle cap are the flash of colour I need to see. The fragrance – and the bottle – are little reminders that brighter days are on the way. If you haven’t tried it, it’s fresh as anything with green tea, matcha and pink pepper – a proper mood booster that works as get-you-going experience.

Positive active moments that I create for myself usually involve yoga, even if it’s only five minutes, because it’s such a soother and can be both relaxing and energising at the same time. Simple stretches are known to help with stress and keep muscles in good shape but are more of a treat and ritual if you add an olfactory element. I love both Clean Cotton and Fluffy Towels, £24.99 (Fluffy Towels temporarily sold out but try Lemon Lavender if you feel spring-like and Soft Blanket if you need to feel cossetted), from Yankee Candles (they’re huge!) for making a moment that feels like an emotion space where you can decompress.

Finally, sleep! There’s no magic wand to solve this one but know that you aren’t alone with broken nights. thisworks Love Sleep Pillow Spray is a new version of the already wonderful Sleep Pillow Spray, this time focusing on ylang ylang and patchouli as a ‘sleep and intimacy’ spray (on offer for £26.99 instead of £29.99). There are other variants of this lauded sleep spray (Deep Sleep and Sleep Plus) and I find them useful as an olfactory trigger that it’s time to be in bed and relax. If nothing helps wakefulness, I often put on a podcast quietly so that I can feel more positive about it – I can be learning, if not sleeping and inevitably, I drift off again. There was a recent podcast episode that I tried to listen to 7 times before I got to the end (The Infinite Monkey Cage, if you’re wondering)!

Moments for ourselves can be hard to find but they’re worth their weight in gold if they hit your needs by mood raising, energising or simply allowing stillness as we make our way towards the spring and hopefully, an easier way to live. You can gather up what you need at Very HERE with my top recommends being the diffuser and the sleep spray – as well as a peek at the new beauty launches too (hello Benefit new mascara!).

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