[sample] I know the beauty world is entranced by Augustinus Bader right now and it’s such an intelligent move from Victoria Beckham to combine with him for her own range. Instead of suddenly becoming a beauty expert and celebrity formulator, VB has put this arm of her offering into the hands of real experts to get the formulations and efficacy spot on. Her range is so far removed from other ‘celebrity’ brands and I genuinely rate it. I’ve been testing out Augustinus Bader Cream for the past couple of weeks or so – so far I haven’t seen any results to speak of but I was out with a friend last night and she said my skin looked nice and plump. Actually, now I think about it, my osteopath said my skin looked nice and he has never made any personal comment before so maybe, maybe!

Victoria Beckham by Augustinus Bader Cell Rejuvenating Serum

I’ve only just received the Cell Rejuvenating Serum so it’s just top-line information at the moment although I am keen to use it daily just to see what happens. The need to know is that it contains niacinamide, vitamin E, olive fruit extract and hyaluronic acid (fragmented for deeper penetration) so it should be a skin calming, protective product. Augustinus Bader’s big sell is TFc8 – a compound that supposedly ‘unlocks’ your skin’s code (whatever that is) and activates regeneration. It’s gone beyond my scientific understanding, being completely frank, so I can’t even unpick it and put it back together in a way that makes any sense. The feel of the serum is light and hydrating with a similar weight to BioEffect if you know that texture.

Victoria Beckham by Augustinus Bader Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum

The bottle is really stylish .. but it’s a fiddle getting the serum out. I couldn’t work it out to start with – why the components are so tricky (you have to squeeze the narrow, pipette style top after you’ve taken the lid off in order to get the serum out) but now I know that it all comes apart to be appropriately recycled, I mind a lot less about a little bit of extra effort. The outer carton is 100% post-consumer waste and any protective foam is the sort that dissolves in water and can be disposed of in compost. The serum is expensive – £180 – but it is intended for the luxury market. I already like and regularly use Victoria Beckham primer (and I was never really converted to primers but I’ve consistently used it) and also her kohl which is literally in daily use and I will buy a replacement as soon as it runs out without think twice. So far, this brand has brought out considered and thoughtful products for a specific market that I’m enjoying using and if it falls into your budget and you’re curious, then why not? I am yet to know (not being in that ‘specific’ market myself!) if I’d spend my own money on it after my samples are used up. I buy BioEffect Serum and Sisley Lip Balm but wince every time :-)) so in a way, I’m hoping it doesn’t prove to be too lovely! You can find it HERE.

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