Reserol Update
Reserol Update

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about a new product called Reserol. The makers of Reserol have found a way to ensure that almost 100% of resveratrol is absorbed into the body, rather than eliminated as it would be if you took supplements. It’s using a thing called Functional Film Technology – disolvable oral film that you place in each cheek, three times a day. My original Reserol post is HERE.

The manufacturers sent me some to try and while I think that film technology is absolutely going to alight the beauty world in terms of skin supplement intake, they are quite weird and take a bit of getting used to. The tiny films dissolve quite quickly initially, leaving a kind of, well, gluey square inside each cheek. That takes a little longer to dissolve away completely. The taste is kind of just a plain taste – it tastes how wallpaper paste looks if that makes any sense. I definitely think that the first improvement to bring to this is a flavour that is more interesting – lemon or orange or something – anything! And, you need to do it three times a day, so six sheets in total

I think if you’re absolutely set on having an increased resveratrol intake for its reported benefits on skin smoothness and elasticity (plus pigmentation reduction), then there is no doubt that this is the way forward in terms of receiving every last drop of what you’re taking. Just have a glass of water to hand or something! You can find it HERE.


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