Reserol Skin Care Films
Reserol Skin Care Films

I’ve only got fairly top line information on Reserol Skin Care Films (and tiny images) but we’re absolutely looking at next gen skin care here. It’s from a Swedish company who have managed to encapsulate Resveratrol into Functional Film Technology that you place into your mouth and let it dissolve. Oral Film Technology isn’t exactly new but FFT uses a slightly different delivery method – you might already be familiar with OFT  in oral hygiene products such as Listerine Pocket Paks.

Each film is loaded with 20mg of Resveratrol that dissolves over a few minutes and be absorbed by the lining of your mouth – which in turn distributes the Resveratrol directly to the blood stream instead of having to go via the digestive tract like a pill supplement would. Resveratrol, in particular, is largely eliminated if it passes through the digestive system but if it goes directly into the blood stream, the theory is that you will get all of the benefits.

Resveratrol is particularly tricky in its bioavailability apparently, because 99% of it breaks down in the gut lining – by putting in a film and absobing orally, breakdown doesn’t happen. Obviously, you will have heard of Resveratrol in various beauty products (Caudalie, DHC and Bite Beauty to name a few) and it comes from grapes. There have been many respected studies on Resveratrol, with positive findings for both health and skin care. The makers of Reserol claim improvement in skin elasticity and smoothness plus a reduction in pigmentation.

The only downside I can see is that you need to dissolve 6 sheets per day on the inside of your cheek – which seems quite a lot. I’m definitely interested in finding out a lot more about the film technology in beauty – I’ve a feeling in the next few years, this is going to be huge.


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