Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral Rich Atomic Heat Mask

If there was a prize for naming your product the same length as a page width, this would be in with a chance. I’m working my way through quite a few mask and cleanser reviews at the moment so when I tried this it wasn’t in a leisurely bath as I’d like it to be, instead I was in front of my laptop. Ideally, it’s a mask for the bathroom because you need water to active the heat.

Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral Rich Atomic Heat Mask

Surprise fact about Peter – his grandparents owned a thermal spa in Hungary; relevant because the mineral rich thermal waters used for this product come from the Carpathian valley. You can absorb minerals (to a degree) through skin but I think the main benefits of this mask are as a skin smoothing pampering experience. The brand in the US calls it a ‘fountain of youth’ mask which obviously makes my teeth hurt. There are some good ingredients in the line-up – sunflower, apricot, peach oils and so on – that suggest it will be very moisturising and I didn’t find that so. Once I’d applied (it’s a wee bit lumpy) to my skin and massaged in, I left it alone for a few minutes before adding a bit of water. That’s the fun bit because as soon as you start to massage the now loosened product, it warms up – keep going until the heat dies down and then rinse away. There’s a lot of massaging going on with this product (another reason why it’s a mistake to do it in front of your laptop) which certainly will help with micro-circulation.

Afterwards, my skin definitely felt smoother than before I’d done the mask but at the same time, it did feel a bit tight so I put some skin oil on straight away. It’s a nice enough mask – perhaps one to do when you have some time to put the effort in. It hasn’t launched here yet (coming very soon) but in the US it’s $58 so let’s see if there is a price parity this time.

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