[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] This new serum from Nuxe arrived a few weeks ago so I’ve had a chance to surface test it a few times. It is a deliciously rich and skin nourishing serum, I can’t deny it – exceptionally light in feel  and gives an instant comfort sensation, in the way that you know something good is on your skin.

Nuxe Super Serum (10)

For me though – and I know not everyone feels as I do – the messaging is jarring. There is a lot of language around it that highlights all older women’s flaws and how they can be ‘corrected’ where my focus is not to use that language for a natural skin state. It doesn’t mean everyone else has to mind about it, but I do so I won’t use it. Normalising ageing and not feeling reduced somehow because of it is what I’m aiming for, rather than denying the ageing process exists. Anyway, enough on that. The serum is a blend of hyaluronic and fractionated botanical oils, the most important of which are the fatty acids that explains why it’s such a comfort fit on the skin. There’s also an Edelweiss complex around which particular plant there is quite a buzz for its effectiveness on skin.

Nuxe Super Serum (10)

Because I’ve only surface tested it, I can’t say how well it does over the long term but it promises ‘fading’ of skin creasing, smoother skin and a reduction in pigmentation marks. Actually, that’s something I am interested in and have been using the Inkey List Tranexamic Acid Night Treatment on one particular mark which has made not one jot of difference so far. In a small sample test by Nuxe, most women found the skin smoothing aspect the most noticeable after 28 days.  It’s designed for use under your day or night cream. Also, it’s £60 – I seem to remember Nuxe being a top end of affordable brand so that was a surprise to me but M&S have it on offer for £50 HERE, non-affiliate HERE. They have got some new Rose Cleansers HERE which look gorgeous and I’d use in a heartbeat. In fact, the entire collection seems to be on offer so head HERE for some treats. Browsing through the pages has made me want to try several things!

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