[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Oh gosh, where to start with this. You can do a poll and end up with equal results between those who feel oral or topical collagen is beneficial to the skin. The collagen molecule is too big to be of any benefit to the complexion because it can’t penetrate, but hydrolized collagen can – maybe. Studies on the topic argue with each other and good luck in getting a definitive answer because any clinical trials are so cleverly worded or so narrow in what they ‘find’ that a straight yes-no answer is impossible to find. In fact, there just aren’t enough independent, large scale studies and/or studies that aren’t brand funded, that will help you to know whether applying topical collagen will help improve your own collagen levels. My head could burst on topics like this although Which, helpfully, this week has stated, ‘it’s very unlikely they can reach the deep layers of skin to effect long lasting change’ and that’s even when broken down into peptides. It concluded that other ingredients, such as glycerin or even retinol are masking for collagen. To add a further complication, Super Facialist is using vegan collagen which actually isn’t collagen at all. Collagen doesn’t exist in the plant world.

Super Facialist Gel Cleanser Review

Super Facialist is using a marine complex – the labelling says ‘vegan collagen’ but the website says ‘unique plant based collagen alternative’ and that’s different! All that said, as long as you don’t think a) a cleanser is going to somehow leave collagen or stimulate collagen in your skin, and b) give you any of the suggested anti-ageing benefits, it’s actually a very decent gel cleanser, especially for £10.

Super Facialist Gel Cleanser Review

The one thing that Super Facialist Gel Cleanser will do is clean your face! It’s not for you if you prefer a lathery, creamy cleanser but is for you if you like a light feeling, fresher type of cleanser. It’s soft on the skin, doesn’t feel drying to me although your skin will feel more taut than if you used an oil or a gel of course, and is great for anyone who is prone to oiliness – it won’t strip your skin but will get rid of oil and grime. You can find it HERE.


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