[productsample] Handmade in the UK using only raw UK ingredients you say? I’m interested! We don’t have enough home grown beauty right now – more is good, especially if it’s organic and even more if it’s rather good.

Nature’s Kitchen Skin Polish

This creamy exfoliator contains fine, fine grounds of apricot stone and bamboo cane – it’s not sharp in the slightest (thankfully!) so you can slough away quite happily. Especially as they’re wrapped in a very creamy lotion formula that makes the whole thing a very pleasant and effective experience. As you might guess from the packaging, the formula contains prickly pear, apricot and watermelon although one slightly disappointing aspect is that the exfoliator doesn’t smell of any of those things really. There is a generic, neutral scent. It’s definitely worth taking a look at the ingredients HERE and what they do – there are a lot of good things packed into this tube.

Kiwi, Apple & Cucumber Skin Soothing Face Wash

Now this does have a fruity smell. I can’t quite work out which ingredient it smells of most – it seems to be a sort of green amalgamation of the three with cucumber rising! I love the fact that this uses fruit AHAs – kiwi is a great enzymatic exfoliator – because it adds an extra skin softening dimension to the creamy wash. It’s not a make-up remover – I used it in the shower as a morning face wash (which I don’t usually bother to do) which it’s ideal for and actually a pleasure to use. The ingredient list reads like a smoothie – A, B3, C and E, organic green fruits of apple, cucumber, guava, fennel, spinach, kale and 3 blends of mushroom. I was absolutely in for the actual smoothie until the three different sorts of mushroom popped up. The rest of the list is HERE. At £10.99, I think you’re getting a nice product here, and the exfoliator is pretty reasonable too at £12.99.

There’s a big focus on healthy skin from this brand – I like it and think it taps into our changing mindset about what constitutes ‘good’ skin care. Everything is explained really well and straightforwardly – in fact, it seems almost completely marketing free so what you get is what they say you’ll get. If you’re looking to get more organic and natural into your routine, Nature’s Kitchen seems a reliable and honest place to start.

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